Salisbury Charter Market One of the Best!

Salisbury's twice-weekly Charter Market has been named the UK's best Large Community Market by the country's biggest body running markets, the National Association of British Market Authorities. The judges have given their reasons for choosing Salisbury as one of their winners as well - their citation reads: "The Best Large Community/Parish Market award was given to this traditional city centre market that enjoys extensive working with local tourism providers. Initiatives included distribution of some 30,000 flyers, preferential rental opportunities to test market trading without commitment and the introduction of a wholesale scheme." Other towns and cities to be recognised include Cambridge, Exeter, Manchester and Belfast. Salisbury's Charter Market is part of the hundreds of events that are put on in the Market Square each year - they include special edition markets run by teenagers, vintage, continental, artisan, Christmas and Foodie Friday markets. Leader of Salisbury City Council, Andrew Roberts said: “This is a fantastic result for our Charter Market and indeed the City. The Charter Market is a very important part of Salisbury and its local economy. I would like to thank the traders who turn out in all weathers and make our market so successful and of course the team at Salisbury City Council for all their hard work. This award shows how markets can thrive with the right blend of tradition and innovation, backed by investment from the market authority. With this approach I am sure that ours will thrive for many years to come.”