Salisbury BID Launch Street Cleaning Service - July 2015

Salisbury’s new street cleaning service will be starting on Monday. The joint venture between BID and Salisbury City Council will tackle the scruffy and dirty areas of the city and will provide a service over and above that which is currently being provided. Local firm P M Total Maintenance will be carrying out the work over the next month – keep a look out for them in their BID uniform. To read the full story, please visit the Salisbury Journal.

Salisbury Independent Shops are proud to announce

Independent retailers in Salisbury have joined together to launch a campaign to raise their profile. The next three weeks sees competitions and offers open to Salisbury residents to showcase the range of local independent shops. The “indie” shops are keen to make locals and visitors to Salisbury aware of the benefits of shopping with local retailers instead of chain stores and so have planned the competitions to tie in with National Independents Day on July 4th.


The retailers are using their group Facebook page to offer free giveaways from selected local businesses in the run up to Independents Day. A number of retailers will also be offering discounts and deals for the week beginning 29th June.


The campaign highlights seven reasons to use your local independent businesses:


  1. Your spending will boost the local economy: For every £1 spent with small to medium business, 63p stays in the local economy rather than 40p with larger businesses. 
  2. House prices are increased by thriving independent businesses.
  3. Shopping with local indies can create more local jobs. 
  4. Locally produced goods are better for the environment by avoiding lengthy transportation.
  5. Indies can offer something unique that you can’t buy in a large chain store.
  6. Local independent businesses add to your local community. They are more likely to offer clubs and events and invest in building a stable community for their customers. 
  7. As a customer you can influence what your local indie shop has to offer. You can offer feedback to the manager, influence their buying policy and sometimes even request specific stock. Most indies will want to help you and will go the extra mile for you! 


The competitions and offers can be found at

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